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Frische-Safe- the film

Fishpackaging The film- open for omnivorous but secure as a safe
The right mix of film types, connected technically Qualified to a unit, add up all the necessary characteristics in a product: High puncture and tear resistance, waterproof, airtight, odor-tight and the highest standards of insulation.

True to the motto: "As little as possible, as much as necessary", the film from the components which provide the best features, but burdening the environment as little as possible. The push-through security withstands the toughest fish-bones and the sharpest bones. As in a safe Fresh remains well protected for the wildest transport. The combination of films guaranteed Waterproof and odor proof. Cold food stays cold longer by the perfect isolation- and once it should be completely safe, the Dremel ice Fresh keeps fresh even longer..
Fischverpackung Verpackungsfolie Fischfolie
Frische-Safe-film light
1 side transparent
More Info
Specification Rolls
Width tube:350mm
Diameter core:76mm
Length / roll:150m
Diameter roll:20cm
Specification bags
Width of all bags:350mm
Length size 11:200mm
Length size 2:250mm
Length size 3:350mm
Standarddesign:*Fish & meat
* with 2 consumer information:
EU-West: D/E/F/NL (PDF 470kb)ArtNr: 82001
EU-Ost: D/RU/PL/CZ (PDF 470kb)ArtNr: 82002

Individual printed (Privat label)
printed up to 6 colorson request

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