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Flexible, easy and safe

The hardware
Functional safety is guaranteed only in the complete system. For each request, the right packaging unit.
FS-Comfort for rolls
for the economical use of material
FS-Comfort for bagsfor the small footprint or smaller volume with the practical Beutelstraffer-
Your 3rd hand
Consumption diagram
Power consumption
Electricity prices will not fall for sure. Already reason enough "to keep in mind" the energy consumption. Only the latest technology and consistent implementation lead to "reliable" results. Power-saving and safe technology by impulse sealing. No heating-time after switch on- ready to go.
FS COMFORT mit Rolle The basic FS-COMFORT
Standard is not enough for us. Even where you do not see it. In "interior life", we focus on reliability and safety. Highest demands on the mechanical and electrical safety for the user of course
..and outside? Stainless steel
The convenient solution:
Typ FS-Cpmfort for rolls

If you do not want to chance a safe packaging. With permanently installed roll unwinding is the packaging process to a cost-saving unit. Of course, completely in stainless steel for professional use
The processing
In the processing of the case, we have great emphasis on hygiene and maintenance gelegt- for use in sensitive areas. Smooth surfaces give dirt and bacteria can not adhere.
The main features
The oblique bag storage facilitates the work in the hectic business operations. Whether as a dust cover or additional storage area: with the roller cover your packaging machine is a unit: available in the elegant Plexiglas design or in a robust stainless steel version (also subsequently easy to assemble).
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