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Flexible, easy and safe! Made in Germany  Made in Germany!

The hardware- FS-COMFORT with table
Functional safety is guaranteed only in a complete system. The best machine equipment for every requirement.
FS-COMFORT with table if you has to pack even faster.
For industrial use with high packaging frequency or where you want to have both hands free, the table version shows its advantage.
Packaging support
the helpful plane between sealing bar and storage area for the bag-closing. 20cm table holds the bag to be closed handy "on position". The storage table can be removed without tools by using of the practical round screws (for cleaning in example). The support table can also be ordered later as a mounting kit.
Support-table, extra long
Longer packing sizes need space and support. The extra-long storage table leaves your hands free even to handle for bulky bags for sealing.
Of course, both support tables are completely made of stainless steel for professional use.
Packhilfe Packhilfe
The foot-pedal
Just a short press of the foot pedal and the sealing bar moves to close the bag automaticly. Both hands are free to position the bag wrinkle-free and correctly.
FS-Comfort with foot-assistance
The hands remain free for properly position the bag. That gives safety and reduce packaging-material.
If the bag is in the correct position for sealing, the automatic sealing process is initiated by a short pressure on the foot-pedal.

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