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Frische? Safe!

Frischfisch The problem
With care, experience, a sophisticated transport and expertise has made it to the sales counter the delicate fresh produce. Now the home of the customer shall not prevent all this trouble. Especially the warm season or a long way home are the enemy of quality and freshness.

Fisch auf Eis The concept
The perfect coordination between packaging equipment and packaging give the security, quality and freshness to erhalten- cost and inno- so that the customer gets what he paid: Guaranteed freshness and quality. ... And a good reputation makes a lasting paid!
Folienrolle The packaging film
The right mix of film types, connected technically Qualified to a unit, add up all the necessary characteristics in a product: High puncture and tear resistance, waterproof, airtight, odor-tight and the highest standards of insulation
Verschweissen The hardware
A handy sealing device, adapted to the special film. The base unit is welded and cuts the film safe for transportation. The workflow is hard-coded, so no mistakes can be made by the operator.

Whether FS tubular film or ready-FS-bag quickly on sophisticated, inexpensive "spoil" you. Your customers and with its contemporary packaging and show that "quality and freshness" not just a slogan are "Image" is a mosaic and the packaging is an essential piece in the picture.

The advantage
The customer receives sensitive fresh produce safely packed for home. Perfectly isolated, odor proof and waterproof, the customer can rely on FRESH SAFE. ..and for the very hot home it can withstand FRESH-SAFE also when the fresh fish is packaged together with a shovel Shard ice.
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